Virus, Root-kit, Trojan, Worm, Hijacks, Spyware, Bots —  All sorts of Malware

What is Malware? Malware is a generic term for a computer virus, spyware, trojan or worm.   These pests are countered by antivirus and antispyware software.  Most of this software (the major brands) is good and effective – unfortunately some of it is essentially a ripoff or scam.

Don't waste your time paying for and trying various downloads claiming to  fix malware issues. Never give a credit card number to any unsolicited claim that doing so will solve all of your problems.  Most of the time these downloads are woefully inadequate at best and outright scams at worst.   The high priced geeks aren't much better.  We often clean up after both.

If you are in the Dayton area call for an appointment to have your viruses and spyware purged by someone who knows what they are doing.*  Remote support is also available if you still have a good Internet connection.  

We can make recomendations for more effectively (an inexpensively) protecting your PC.  For home use, we can install free protection software that has worked well for 1000's of our clients.

We will not guarantee that you wont get infected again. Anybody that makes such a guarantee is fooling both you and themselves. We say this for 2 reasons. First, because the bad guys are always one step ahead and they are getting more clever every day. Second, because your susceptibility to malware infection is often related to your behavior or usage habits, such as indiscriminate surfing, downloading from dubious sources or from visiting high risk sites.   We can help reduce your infection risks, but if risky behavior is a factor, you must adjust for that.

In-Shop Virus, Spyware/Malware removal prices range from $95-180, depending on severity.  Malware removal includes basic system optimization and applying the latest Microsoft updates.

Malware Removal 937-291-9751  Remote Support

*We have a 99% success rate removing spyware and virus software and keeping your current configuration intact. (assuming that your hardware is still in good working order)

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