General Pricing Policy

General Pricing Policy

Pricing for services and materials is more than fair and far less than the big chain providers. We provide a premium service with meticulous attention to detail. You get the advantage of many years of experience. You can be sure that an untrained High School kid won't be doing the work.

If you don't find specific pricing information regarding  your issue(s) or needs on this page, contact us 937-291-9751 and we'll evaluate your situation!

Pricing guidelines for services listed here are labor only, unless specified otherwise. All labor fees are exclusive of any hardware and/or software costs.

We will service any make, and model of Windows computer.      

On-Site Service Fees:

For On-Site Service:  $35  Trip Fee* (waived at our discression)

Hourly On-Site Rates: Residential $75/hr  (Srs. $65/hr)   Business:  $100/hr

Emergency On-Site Service is available if scheduling permits – $175/hr. while on-site. 

PickUP & Delivery – $35-*  If you need us to unhook and carry your system to and from the shop, we can do that.                                 *More for longer trips

Coverage Area:   Generally 10 Miles from Main and Franklin Sts. Centerville

In-Shop service Fees:

Virus and Spyware(Malware) Removal

Most PC users are not adequately protected and usually have at least some minor malware infection and they aren't even aware of it.  If you have persistent unwanted, annoying issues or major problems with internet connectivity and/or significantly slower performance in general, you probably have malware running on your machine.

Anti-Virus Software     
We recommend AVG Free 8.0 for home users.  This software is NOT free for business use.  This is due to the licenseing policy of the company that provides AVG(Grisoft). We honor their policy.

 What about Symantec/Norton/McAfee? Click Here
What do I need to do to protect my PC? Click Here.           

  Malware Removal     
    We will update your Windows System software and run malware scans with all of the following services.  
    For mildly infected or unprotected systems   $ 70
  We will make sure you have up-to-date anti-virus/anti-spyware software running. If you do not have protection, we will install Free anti-virus for you. (Business Clients must use commercial "paid" subscription malware protection software). We will perform multiple scans and delete any malware that is discovered.  
    For  Significantly infected systems  $ 100-$120
  If stock solutions for scanning do not remove the infection. With this option we will delete the virus manually. Sometimes this option is not enough and the virus has damaged files that are needed for the system to operate properly. When this happens you will need Option 3.  
    Profoundly infested systems    $ 180-200
  In some cases a system reload is the only way to recover from an infection.  This usually occurs because you have multiple infections and the unraveling of the mess leaves scars too big to heal.  Sometimes this option will require that you have your original system disks.  We only use this option if all the others have failed to produce a clean and functional system.

With this service we may recommend a reload of your operating system. If necessary we will back up your data files prior to erasing your hard drive for the reload.  We can then restore these user files (usually "My Documents", sometimes email, or other applications as instructed by you.)   We can install additional applications if you provide release media for reloads.  Multi user systems may involve additional cost for the time involved in gathering and re-loading user data files for additional users, as well as configuring each user.  We will install protection (free software for residential users) as required to safeguard your machine. 

   Reload of Your Operating System   $ 150
  If your system is running slow or crashing constantly the problem may be in the software. After testing all hardware we can reinstall your operating system (Windows ). You data is copied off to a storage machine, scanned for viruses, then we format your drive  , re-install your OS, install all drivers, security updates, and software. Then your data is copied back over to your machine. This leaves you with a machine that is better than new.  
General Desktop Diagnostic/Inspection/Consultation $ 35 This is the minimum charge for diagnosing system issues.  If you choose not to repair the problem because of cost or other issue ,then only the disgnostic fee is due. Diagnostic fee is waived if we procede with repairs.

  Data Recovery

Per Hour –  $ 85  This service will need to be added if your old drive has failed to the point that the data can not be read. This option is not needed very often but we do offer this service.  If the disk is not spinning or the circuitry is otherwise not functional we can recomend outside resources to recover data.  This is usually very expensive.(Starting ~$400.)  
  Data File Backups  $ 85  

We can facilitate data backups as needed.  Smaller volumes of data can be accomplished with CD or DVD media.  Generally, data for very large volumes of data a hard drive or other media will be required. 

   Windows Account Password  removal   $25 

 Networking Services 

Networking Setup and configuration services are available.

Everything from new ethernet cards to network server setups is in our domain.

Here is some useful information regarding wireless security basics. Click Here.

  Install Wireless Network   $ 75 (Plus Hardware Usually $70 for Wireless Access Point and $40-$75 for wireless client hardware. Laptops usually have built in wireless capability.)
  We can install and setup and secure your network for you.  Includes setup of 4 wireless devices.  Setup of Additional Wireless Devices  Each –  $ 20.  Obviously this setup can only be done onsite.
 Troubleshoot Existing Wireless Network   Hourly rates apply and, of course, replacement hardware is extra.

 Install Wired Network $Call  
 Setup Network Backups   $Call
  We can setup backup procedures for the computers and servers on your network.  
  We can provide many aditional networking services.   We can work up a proposal for you.    


Laptop Hardware Repair:

 Generally Laptop hardware repairs are more costly than are Desktop hardware.  Laptop components are usually unique and parts must be ordered as needed. Desktop components  are usually commodity items that can be obtained quicker and cheaper than laptops.

Laptop Diagnostic Fee: (Hardware)  If we must take apart a Laptop for Hardware diagnostics there is a minimum $75 fee. Laptop hardware disgnostics are very delicate and time consuming.  Often the unit must be completely disassembled to expose the offending component.  If repair is not deemed economically justifiable, this fee will apply.  If we finish the repairs the diagnostic fee is built into the cost of repair.

Note that Laptop hardware repair will not be done on-site.   
  Power Jacks   $ 160 for 95% models (up to $195+ for some models)
  The power jack is where the AC adapter plugs in to the laptop. This component can become loose. When it does, it needs to be fixed ASAP. Without repair it can cause short out and that could destroy the motherboard.  
  USB/Sound ports   $150
  Over time, Laptop USB ports, can break and become wobbly. These can usually be replaced to restore function.  
  LCD Screen Replacement     
    Cracked laptop screens can be replaced.   Multiple factors affect LCD hardware replacement cost.  ie:size, finish, age. Pricing generally ranges from $200 to $350, or more.

If  the screen is in stock repair is usually 3-4 days. If a screen must be ordered repairs usually take 7 – 10 days.
   Inverter   $130+
  The inverter powers the LCD backlight. Problems with this could cause black or faded screen display.         

Hardware Components

   400W Desktop Power Supply Replacement  ~$65 installed     

    Generally 400W Power Supply is adequate.

Basic Computer parts Click for info

 Custom Built Desktops

Basic family computers. Servers and Gaming machines. Call $

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