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Service is currently down due to technical issues


Remote Support Information

Remote Support call 937-291-9751

for a session appointment call: 937-291-9751

If your internet connection is still functioning properly***, we may be able to resolve issues remotely.  Standard Fee is $40USD for 1/2 – hour  $75USD for 1 hour consultation**.  You will be able to watch as we manipulate your configuration and do diagnostics. You may disconnect at any time. Charges will still apply (minimum $40USD).  


1) Click here to Download the Bonsteel Computer Services Remote Support Program to your desktop.   This program allows us to take over your machine remotely.  Do not run the program until we instruct you to do so. Place it on your desktop or someplace you can access easily.   This program will not allow access unless you explicitly grant permission, by authorizing our connection manually from your PC.

2) Call 937-291-9751 to arrange an appointment for remote support.  *

3) At appointed time, while we are on the line, run the program and click as indicated.

      The program will display this dialog:

Double Click (left) "Authorize Connection when Instructed to do so.  We will take it from there.


*Service Not available for dial-up clients.   May not work properly for slow "broadband" links.

**For various reasons this option is not always sufficient for resolving issues.  A site call or bringing the PC to the shop may be required.   A portion of the Online Support charges may apply towards additional services, if results are not achieved via remote access.

***Your Internet connection may still be viable, even if you cannot visit web sites.  Your browser setup may be part of the problem. You may still be able to get to web sites by running Internet Explorer with no add-ons or a different browser (firefox, chrome or ?), if one is installed..

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