Words with Friends/Scrabble Helper

Words with Friends Helper Cheater Solver.  Word Revealer. Word Unjumbler

There is a freestanding windows program you may download. I swear it doesn't have any bad stuff in it and it works great.

 It is about 8MB in size.   Click here to download this stand-alone c# program.

Online Helper is Below: (not right yet for mobile phones (android or iPhone native browsers, but Firefox works )

Note use ? for wild card tiles. Online help is available!!! Just click  About ->Program Information

English Word Unjumbler for solving Daily Jumble


This is an online words with friends(r) helper program.  Some may call it a cheater or a solver. It takes as input a set of scrambled letters, usually 7, but it will handle up to 13 but it may slow significantly for higher tile counts.

It will handle up to 2 "wild card" entries using a ? .  

There is also an Unjumble button.  This   will give you all of the permutations of the letters that make english words using ALL of the letters. These are sometimes called anagrams.  This will help solve the "Daily Jumble" puzzles

found in many newspapers.  

The online version requires that you click on the submit button to get the results. The standalone windows program automatically updates with each entered letter.

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